João Monteiro

Hi, I am João!

I’m a 23-year-old informatics engineering student with an artistic vein. That means I have the technical knowledge, the creative intuition and the social skills that complement each other and result in synergetic solutions.

I like to be challenged and I always put the very best of myself in everything I do. I have a great sense of responsibility, the vision needed to solve problems swiftly, and the passion to do it as best as possible.

If you’d like to contact me, you can do it in any of the ways presented below. In this website you can also check my CV, a portfolio of projects I’ve developed, and a photo gallery (one of my passions).

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Dr. Mário Sacramento

Graduated in Science and Technology in Dr. Mário Sacramento Highschool between 2008 and 2011 in Aveiro, Portugal.

Final grade: 19,2 / 20

Porto University

Currently finishing an Informatics and Computing Engineering integrated masters in the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University in Porto, Portugal.

Aalto University

Went in Erasmus+ during the autumn semester of 2015/16 to the Aalto School of Science and Technology in Espoo, Finland.

Final grade: 4,5 / 5

Professional experience

Summer internship
July - August 2016

Worked in the marketing department of AIESEC Poznań (Poland) and helped in the creation of marketing events, filming and editing of promotional videos and development of a new website.

April 2015 - July 2016

Hired by MG Consulting to develop of a new website for the company, which included planning its structure, making the most appropriate UX decisions and managing its contents.

February 2015 - Present

Created a website for NeuroAV, which has been iterated upon since its creation. I'm also responsible for content management for the website and do all the changes requested by the client.


Design thinking
Adobe suite
Software design
Proj. management



Role: Team leader & project manager

Biomedical information is becoming increasingly easier to obtain thanks to wearable technology and cheaper devices, but the software that comes with each single equipment is incompatible with all others.

To solve that, INOVA+ asked us to build a framework capable of reading, analysing and displaying the information from any compatible biomedical device. That framework, BrainLight, is also an end-user solution. We also developed a proof of concept, BrainStream, that employs the framework’s functionalities to allow a physician to check the real-time and past signals of a patient.


Personal project

Caravela is intended to be an online platform for English speakers to learn Portuguese, in which the parallels between caravela, a fast and agile ship invented by the Portuguese, and the learning of the language with the use of the platform are highlighted.

Only a prototype is complete, but eventually the goal would be to test it with foreign students residing in Portugal, and later as a learning tool for schools and universities to help their students.


Role: Team member

One of the biggest difficulties Porto's Tourism Association faces is measuring the levels of tourist happiness, due to the lack of effective methods to do it.

TravelStat is a concept for an app that each tourist is incentivized to download and answer to one simple question for each monument they visit. The data is then sent to each particular monument, and the aggregate information is sent to the Tourism Association, which can then understand trends and characteristics of the tourists in their city.


Role: Co-founder

GoDex is a Pokédex™ specifically made for PokémonGO™ players with Android devices: it only shows the information that is relevant to those players, and has specific info that most other databases don't have. It works offline and is going to be updated frequently, especially with community feedback. It's currently in alpha testing.

Innovation Lab
Aalto Inovation Lab

Role: Team member

Aalto students have the tools, methodologies, and mindset to go about solving all kinds of problems they face through design thinking, rapid prototyping, and experimenting. However, the teaching of those methods is locked away for non-students.

Aalto Inovation Lab would organise structured, hackathon-style design thinking workshops that bring together different kinds of people to co-create solutions for all kinds of problems.


Role: Team member

It's very difficult to get information about the ecological impact of most of the choices we make in our everyday life, and in particular about what we eat.

ShapeMeal was designed to be a system that aims to provide diners and other stakeholders of student and employee restaurants easy access to the Life Cycle Assessments of the offered dishes and their total carbon footprint, among other useful information.


Role: Team member

BuyMore relies on community input to gather information about the prices of all kinds of products that sell in supermarkets. Those are organised in categories and subcategories, and can be browsed by anyone. Then any user can check the products that they want and check where they're cheaper.


Role: Team member

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Feel free to contact me through any medium you see fit, be it for a job offer, to ask a question or just to chat!