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Hey! I'm João

I have a Master's degree in software engineering, I'm a UX designer by trade, and I constantly work towards learning and improving myself.

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What drives me

I'm passionate about every project I'm involved in, especially if it includes...


From software design and modelling to UX specs, I love to deconstruct large projects into requirements.

User research

My scientific background is useful when studying and analysing the behaviours and needs of real users.


I thrive when I have the opportunity to think of smart and elegant solutions to complex problems.


I write about what I love. These are some of the articles I've published.

Close-up of code written on a computer screen.
Programming is not the “new literacy”
Collection of notes with UX activities written on them.
5 reasons why you should think of UX while developing your product
Colourful wireframes of a mobile app.
We shouldn’t be calling user-unfriendly practices “dark patterns”

Who I've worked with

These are some of the companies I have worked for or were clients of mine during freelance jobs.

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